brief description This insect and dirt remover destroys the so called tank of insects! Dissolves even stubborn deposits of insects, oil and other environmental pollutants and is gentle on paint.    Description BUG by Wizard of Gloss delivers what the name promises. This insect and dirt remover reliably dissolves and removes even stubborn deposits of insect remains, oil and bird droppings.   The high-tech dirt formula penetrates deep into the dirt and ensures thorough cleaning. Thanks to its gel-like consistency, this cleaner works particularly efficiently on the surface.   The BUG destroys chitin, the so-called shell of insects, and dissolves it optimally. By splitting proteins, the residues become water-soluble ? for fast, thorough cleaning and removal of dirt deposits.   For particularly hard cases, we recommend mechanical cleaning with washing gloves or brushes.   Do not use on hot surfaces or allow to dry.

Wizard of Gloss Bug Dirt & Insect Remover - 750ml, 3L

  • H315 Causes skin irritation. H319 Causes severe eye irritation.

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