brief description Wizard of Gloss Intro is a powerful and safe paint cleaner that ideally prepares surfaces for further treatment.    Description This cleaner forms the optimal basis for subsequent sealings, wax layers or coatings.   Dirt particles and residues are not only dissolved, but dissolved in a deep pure solution, so that the removal is effortless. Polishing residues, grease or old Carnauba wax layers are completely eliminated.    In addition to isopropanol, NTRO contains other complex active ingredients that improve the effect without attacking the paint. WIZARD OF GLOSS has subjected this product to many extensive tests and with the INTRO guarantees the ideal preparation for the finishing process of car care.   We recommend the pre-cleaner before each application of sealants, waxes or coatings.   Contact with the surface is supported by the cleaning process so that the maximum service life of the respective products can be achieved.

Wizard of Gloss Intro IPA Paint Cleaner

  • H226 Flammable liquid and vapour. H319 Causes severe eye irritation. H336 May cause drowsiness and dizziness.

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